Which Sanitary Ware Manufacturers is better?

I’ll answer this question from the sanitary ware manufacturer’s point of view. We first figure out what the bathroom contains, we generally say that the household bathroom contains so several categories. 1, ceramic parts: means washbasin, toilet, urinal these ceramic firing products.2, bathroom cabinets: refers to the solid wood cabinets, PVC cabinets,......

I’ll answer this question from the sanitary ware manufacturer’s point of view. We first figure out what the bathroom contains, we generally say that the household bathroom contains so several categories.

1, ceramic parts: means washbasin, toilet, urinal these ceramic firing products.
2, bathroom cabinets: refers to the solid wood cabinets, PVC cabinets, stainless steel bathroom cabinets and so on.
3, the shower room: including bathroom partitions, simple shower screen these.
4, leisure bathroom: generally refers to the massage bathtub, steam room, multifunctional shower room these.
5, faucet shower and hardware: including showerheads, faucets, corner valves, towel racks, towel bars, tissue boxes and so on.

Why do we need to figure out these categories? Because different kinds of bathroom products whose production materials, processes and methods are different, such as ceramic parts of the production of raw materials is ceramic clay, the need to have a tunnel kiln or sous-vide kiln to firing;.

The production process of bathroom cabinets is equivalent to carpentry work; simple shower rooms are mostly a combination of toughened glass and five pieces of fittings.

massage baths and steam rooms are mostly made of acrylic moulded or with acrylic as the base mould.

Hardware parts are made from hardware materials, through casting, welding, machining and so on.

I am writing this mainly to illustrate the different specialities of the different products. If a factory specialises in the production of ceramic parts, it will not normally do hardware products, because the production of these two products is not relevant at all. But then again, if the company gets bigger and was producing ceramic parts, it can now open a separate branch factory to do hardware, which is fine.

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Here are some common well-known brands on the domestic market (I personally think the brand refers to a certain amount of time to settle, there is a market base, just out of the brand is not mentioned, there are some high-end foreign brands, there is no shop in the country, or in the domestic consensus is not high also not mentioned.)

1, foreign brands: the United States of Kohler, the United States of America, American Standard, Japan’s East Tao (TOTO), Spain’s Roca (Roca), these four brands are considered relatively high-end, good quality and high prices, many domestic shops, it is easy to find.

In addition, there is a Taiwan’s and into the bathroom, many shops less well-known also a little. Then add two German brands, mainly ceramic products, one is only Bao, another called Dulawit (now renamed Deliffy), these two brands have a long history, positioning is also very high-end, only Bao in addition to sanitary ware products, but also do tableware products.

These two brands focus on design, mainly for high-end engineering, retail may be relatively small.

2, Lehua Department of brands, Lehua company directly operated by Wrigley, Faenza, Anhua and Sai Weiya (Sai Weiya this brand is Lehua company and the Italian company cooperation), in addition to these brands, Lehua company boss family also operates Megaware, Viktor two brands.

Leroy’s brands account for a large part of the domestic bathroom market, of which Wrigley, Faenza and Anwar are well known, while Megaware and Vikotau are much less well known.

Lehua company began firing toilet in 1995 or so, also started by making ceramic parts, so the quality of the ceramic parts of the Lehua system product is very good, recommended Lehua system of ceramic products, of course, other products are also good, if you like, you can also consider.

3, Huida sanitary ware: the older domestic brands, factory in Tangshan, Hebei, said to have thirteen tunnel kilns, the annual output of ceramic parts is very large, export sales are very large.

Huida began firing ceramics a long time ago, when there was the North Huida South Wrigley argument, Huida in the domestic feel no Wrigley do well, most importantly, Huida began to do exports, only after the economic crisis in 2008 began to pay attention to the domestic market, although the visibility of a little, but the strength is very strong.

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4, Hengjie sanitary ware, gold sanitary ware, Ousmane sanitary ware, the three brands of domestic shops, the country can basically see in various places, the three brands are positioned about the same, the price is relatively moderate.

Compared to Huida and Wrigley, Hengjie is a latecomer, now doing very well, complete outlets, advertising efforts, so the visibility is very high. Gold and Osman are not as strong in advertising and are a little less well-known, but the domestic network is also very complete. Gold and Osman is the same factory, the two brands belong to a family, relatives.

5, to leisure sanitary ware-based brands: Apollo Sanitary Ware, Long Whale Sanitary Ware, Emperor Sanitary Ware, Olufsa Sanitary Ware, Yigao, Huameijia Sanitary Ware, etc., these brands are doing leisure sanitary ware-based, if you need to buy Jacuzzi, steam room, multifunctional shower room these, you can give priority to these brands.

Leisure bathroom is a large product, generally used in large bathrooms inside, is the luxury of the bathroom inside.

6, the bathroom cabinet-based brands: the heart of the sea, high, Frank, high first, Pinnacle, Bonnie Tuomei, these brands are professional bathroom cabinet.

The centre of the sea is to do solid wood cabinet-based, still high cabinet product line is complete style, Frank and high is a professional do European antique cabinet, Pinnacle and Bonnie top beauty is a professional do stainless steel cabinet. If you want to buy bathroom cabinets, we recommend that you look at these brands.

7, shower room-based brands: Lance, Fury, Deli, Yali, Kaili, Ideal, Rose Island, etc., these brands are professional do shower room, many domestic building materials market have their shops, product quality can be.

The main production area of the shower room is in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, and the quality of the shower room produced by the manufacturers in Zhongshan City is better. If you want to buy a shower room, we recommend that you take a look at these brands.

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8, Brands with faucets and showers and hardware pendants.
(1) Foreign: There are German contemporary, Hansgrohe and Grohe, and American Moen, these four are very well-known brands, Hansgrohe and Grohe shops are available in many places, product positioning is very high-end, product quality is very good, while the price is also very expensive.

Moen is positioned much lower than Hansgrohe and Grohe in China, so why is Moen listed with these brands? Firstly because Moen is well known in the US and Canadian regions, and secondly because Moen invented the tap.

If you compare the Hansgrohe, Grohe and Kohler faucet showers to the Mercedes-Benz BMW of cars, then the Contemporary is the Rolls Royce of cars, a level above these brands.

Contemporary faucet shower is very very expensive, at present I know in Shanghai is a contemporary shop, I do not know whether there are other cities.

(2) domestic: Huayi sanitary ware, Xion sanitary ware, Goss sanitary ware, nine mu sanitary ware, zhongyu sanitary ware, shenluda sanitary ware, splendid sanitary ware, yading sanitary ware, of which nine mu, zhongyu, shenluda, splendid is the four major brands in fujian, are to do faucets and showers started, now also do the whole bathroom, such as nine mu on everything, but nine mu market management is more confusing, a market of several shops, do not know which true which false.

Yading bathroom is a brand in Zhejiang, known for its design, positioning high-end. Gaos is a brand in Foshan, many building materials market currently have Gaos shops, product quality can be. Huayi and Xion is the brand of Guangdong Kaiping, to do export-oriented, because not very important to the domestic market, so only some cities have shops, general awareness. If we consider the quality, I recommend Huayi and Xion, for the simple reason that many domestic brands start out in the domestic market and do not have strict standards for quality control.

The Chinese and European markets have strict standards for all aspects of the product, and Huayi acquired a European factory a few years ago, and there are many showerheads and taps supplied by Huayi in American supermarkets.

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9, and finally three old brands: diamond sanitary ware, emperor sanitary ware, four dimensional sanitary ware, these three brands are old brands, diamond sanitary ware factory is the first batch of firing ceramic sanitary ware factory, you look at its factory site will know its history.

Many people in the older generation know that Foshan firing sanitary ceramics is very famous, in Foshan to count the earliest Shiwan area began firing sanitary ceramics, diamond sanitary ware factory is in the centre of Shiwan district, formerly state-owned enterprises, marketing is not good, only in Guangdong Province is well-known, out of Guangdong Province basically have not heard of, but its product quality is very good.

I remember that I had seen the advertisement of Di Wang Sanitary Ware on TV when I was a child, which was a small child peeing into the toilet, but its marketing is average, currently in the southwest region, that is, Sichuan Yunnan area is more well-known, other areas have very few shops.

The emperor sanitary ware is now mainly doing coloured toilets, taking a personalised route. Four Dimensions Sanitary Ware is a brand in Chongqing, this brand is also in the southwest region is relatively high visibility, other areas shops are also very few. Although these three brands are old brands, but only in some parts of the country to do well, we are tentatively called the regional brand it.

And the Sisosu brand is also a new brand created in cooperation with these old factories with quality assurance,sanitary ware manufacturers to sell the best bathroom products to the world.

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