The Ultimate Guide for Bathroom Sink Wholesale

When it comes to bathroom fixtures like sinks, style varies depending on your taste and preference. You can choose an ordinary-designed sink if you’re a minimalist. But if you’re a maximalist, go for high-end sinks. Various factors like the price, bathroom size, and the material used for manufacturing the sink also matter.......

When it comes to bathroom fixtures like sinks, style varies depending on your taste and preference. You can choose an ordinary-designed sink if you’re a minimalist. But if you’re a maximalist, go for high-end sinks. Various factors like the price, bathroom size, and the material used for manufacturing the sink also matter. Whether moving to a new home or remodeling your bathroom, knowing everything about bathroom sinks is crucial.

Factors to consider when choosing a bathroom sink

Assuming you intend to use your bathroom sink to brush your teeth or wash hands, it’s vital to consider the following factors:

1. The price

The prices of bathroom sinks vary depending on the material used, functionality and design. The total price depicts the quality of the product. If you go for cheap faucets and sinks, you’ll end up spending more on repairs. However, an expensive sink does not guarantee that you’ll get value for your money.

Before buying a specific bathroom sink, research the prices of other manufacturers. It’s safer to buy from a reputable manufacturer than gamble away your money on a sink that won’t last a year.

2. The design

Design is another element you should consider when choosing a kitchen sink. You want a sink that won’t take up more space or fail to deliver on its functionality. On the flip side, having a smaller sink will make people spill a lot of water on your bathroom floor, causing a mess. For example, it’s pointless having a bathroom sink with two faucets unless you want one for hot water, while the second one is for cold water.

To help you understand which type of sink suits your bathroom, let’s go through this list:

  • Wall-mounted
    These sinks are attached to the wall. They are ideal for powder rooms and bathrooms with limited space because they lack cabinet space.
  • Under-mounted sinks
    If you have a countertop, the best sink that suits your bathroom is the under-mounted. These sinks are easy to clean, making them a perfect choice for large-sized families.
  • Top-mounted
    This sink style sits on a countertop, and it only shows its rims. It’s best installed using wood or laminate countertop.
  • Vessel
    Vessel sinks sit above the counter. They come in various shapes like squares, rectangles, and bowls.
  • Pedestal
    If your bathroom space is limited, then a pedestal sink is the best style to go for. Modern pedestals are designed to connect to a waste pipe in the floor if there are no walls. The only problem you may encounter with pedestals is that they lack storage. You may need to mount a cabinet to your wall for storage purposes.
  • Integrated
    Integrated sinks come with a sink already embedded as part of the bathroom countertop. The only downside to this sink is it robs the countertop of space.

3. Usability

The last thing you need is a bathroom sink that doesn’t perform its functions effectively. It should neither be too high for a four-year-old nor too low to make you brush your teeth while on your knees. A sink and faucet that encourages a lot of mess won’t make you enjoy value for your money.

Nowadays, sinks have faucets with hot and cold-water options with knobs you can control even when your hands are wet.

4. Material used

If you thought porcelain was the only material used to manufacture bathroom sinks, you thought wrong. Other materials you can choose include:

  • Enamel cast iron
    From a high-glossy finish to durability, the perks that come with having a sink made from enamel cast iron are unmatched. They match most bathroom fixtures, allowing you to play around with bathroom décor ideas.
  • Glass
    If your house is heavy with traffic or full of children, don’t go for glass sinks because they are brittle.
  • Copper and bronze
    Having a metallic sink might seem reliable until they get old and become daunting to clean. Still, copper and bronze are popular material choices for budget-conscious users.
  • Stainless steel
    Stainless steel is rust-resistant and easy to clean. It’s also versatile; it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Stone
    If you want to keep your bathroom looking unique and more inviting, a stone sink will do you some justice. The only pitfall of stone is the ability to erode over time, taking 7-10 years. Still, it’s highly durable and can withstand abuse, unlike other sink styles.
  • Acrylic
    Acrylic sinks are affordable, but they’re more prone to scratches and won’t withstand petroleum-based substances.

5. Bathroom esthetics

A visually appealing sink makes your bathroom more hospitable. It should match the esthetic of the bathroom while keeping in mind the style and existing bathroom fixtures. If you want a modern look, go for glass or stainless steel because they can match any bathroom esthetics. But if you’re going to keep your bathroom neat and traditional, go for porcelain or pedestal styles. The trick is to choose a bathroom style that won’t make you feel like you wasted your money.

6. Other bathroom fixtures

You can choose to buy sinks and faucets separately, but that won’t do you any good. When selecting a sink style, shop for the ideal faucet and handle at the same time. It would be pointless to get a faucet that outruns your sink, no matter how elegant it looks. Go for a bathroom sink manufacturer with an all-in-one option to be on the safer side. The manufacturer should inform you about installing it and the advantages of settling on a specific sink style.


Accentuating your bathroom through a stylish sink can be daunting, but it all depends on your space. Your sink’s design, material, price, functionality, and bathroom fixtures also play a significant role in determining how your bathroom will look and feel. Weigh the pros and cons of each bathroom sink style before narrowing your options.

To avoid spending your money on substandard products, go for sinks from reputable manufacturers. They might seem more expensive than others, but they’re durable and function-worthy. Finally, ensure the installation style will favor everyone in the house.

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