The 12 things How To Choose A Toilet Manufacturer

People in different parts of the world have different names for the toilet but all agree that its importance in the home setting is undeniable. Selecting the toilet manufacturer to buy from can be hectic for a new homeowner, especially if they do not know what to look for. When a buyer......


People in different parts of the world have different names for the toilet but all agree that its importance in the home setting is undeniable. Selecting the toilet manufacturer to buy from can be hectic for a new homeowner, especially if they do not know what to look for.

When a buyer understands the workings of the toilet, they are in a position to differentiate a proper toilet from an inferior one.

A good toilet should save you water while still cleaning the bowl effectively. You might be inclined to look at the price tag but there are other factors worth looking at as well.

When selecting a toilet, you might get yourself a 20-year blessing or problem.

1.The Purchase Price

Toilet prices have shifted in recent years and buyers can get impossibly low prices. A cheap toilet might sound convenient but the quality is obviously low.

You are going to have this toilet in your home for the next couple of years, try to get something worth your while. Get your toilet from a manufacturer that offers quality but at a reasonable price.

2.Think About Possible Repair Costs For Toilets From The Different Manufacturers

Toilet manufacturers have in recent years introduced some sophisticated toilet models into the market. The brands are very convenient but not in the long term.

If a toilet breakdown, the repair costs for the various technical parts are high. The process itself is daunting and might lead to you giving up on the toilet in a few years.

Get your toilet from a manufacturer who delivers well-designed products but also offers repair services if they break down. Some manufacturers do not even produce spare parts for the toilets they produce.

3.Compare Flush Ratings For Products From The Various Manufacturers

Your children will use this toilet for years; taking some time to research its flush ratings online should not be a challenge. With the information available on the internet, you can compare products from different manufactures before settling on the best.

All you have to do is type, toilet testing on your search engine, and open a few pages. There are multiple reviews conducted on the various toilet brands on the market.

4.Research On The Various Brands Rebates

Toilets are high water consumers and if you are not careful you will bring into your home a water draining machine.

Some water utilities offer rebates when you install a water-saving brand in your home. Water-saving toilet manufacturers might price their products a little high but the product you get is worth every dime.

There are reports, however, of clogging issues with high-efficiency toilet models. Some research will go a long way in protecting you from expensive and easily clogging toilets.

5.Go For A Pressure Assist Enabled Brand

If you value having a clean bowl while still conserving water, get your toilet from a manufacturer who offers both. This is a manufacturer whose toilets came with pressure-assist technology.

This will enable the toilet to release a small amount of water strong enough to clean the bowl. These brands might be a little pricey and more delicate.

6.Get A Manufacturer Who Offers Wall Hung Toilets For Easy Cleaning

Cleaning a one-piece toilet is easier compared to a two-piece toilet but the former is more expensive and harder to install.

To save yourself the trouble and costs, you can opt to go for a wall-mounted toilet brand. Talk to the various manufacturers about the possibility of getting a wall-hung toilet.

wall hung toilet

7.Ensure The Manufacture Follows Toilet Height Guidelines

Several building codes dictate toilet heights but not all manufacturers adhere to them. A toilet should not be too short or too tall.

If the toilet is too short, it will cause your family members unending back pain and spine discomfort. If it is too tall, short people will have trouble climbing up. You do not want small children struggling with the toilet.

You might be tempted to get the tall one if you are tall but that would be unfair. If you can, sit on the toilet at the shop to ascertain its comfort as far as height is concerned. Sitting on the toilet might seem childish but it’s the only way to feel a toilet before buying it.

8.Select A Manufacturer Who Uses Standard Rough-In Measurements

This is the distance from the wall to the hold-down bolts. The rough-in measurements on the new toilet differ from the standard ones, you will have to create new hold-down slots on your toilet floor.

This might be expensive and even call for a minor remodeling of the toilet floor. To save yourself the trouble, check out the manufacturer’s compliance rate as far as building codes are concerned. The rough-in measurements might differ so it would be better to just get the brand that matches your current toilet.

9.The Bowls Should Be Standard In Size

A manufacturer should take into consideration the size of the toilet room when designing a bowl. Some bowls are too big for use in relatively small toilet rooms. If you get one of these, the bowl might block the toilet’s door.

10.Ask About The Toilet Manufacturer’s Quality Ratings

Some manufacturers are agents of frustration disguised as toilet manufacturers. They build substandard toilets and lure unknowing customers with impossibly low prices. Beware of such manufactures and buy from reputable or at least registered manufacturers.

11.Does The Manufacturer Offer Warranty

A warranty is a manufacturer’s way of taking responsibility for the inferiority of their products. If they cannot offer that, they are not worth your money.

When the toilet is warranted, the manufacturer will repair or replace it if it gets damaged within a certain period. If you get a non-warranted toilet because of the low prices, you will end up bearing the costs if it turns out to be defective.

12.Ensure The Manufacture Uses Quality Parts

There have been complaints by customers about poor quality inner lining in the bowls. Within a few years, the bowl gets stained and the brush cannot do anything about it. You will have to replace it and if it was custom made, expect the costs to shoot up.

Bottom Line

In most households, the toilet they use was installed several years ago. If the house is inherited, the years might go up to decades.

If you get your toilet from a well-vetted manufacturer, you will never have a reason to regret it. The only way to vet a manufacturer is to listen to previous customers. You can also research the quality of the products they deliver and their compliance with guidelines.

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