Model No. #WU02
Color White
Material Ceramic
Shape Irregular Shape
Loading Quantity 120PCS/20’GP    280PCS/40’HQ


Smooth glaze, self cleaning glaze, white and delicate;Low water absorption;Colors, decals and LOGO can be customized


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1. Manufactured In High Quality, Easy To Clean Ceramic
2. Easy To Install
3. ‘Water-In’ And ‘Waste-Out’ Through The Floor (S-Trap)
4. Safe, Comfortable And Dignified Wudu Appliance
5. Designed Together With Wudu Taps To Ensure That The Spouts Are In The Most
Comfortable Position For Wudu And At The Right Angle To Minimise Splashing
6. The Stool Can Be Moved To Provide A Comfortable Wudu Position For Adults,
Children And Wheelchair Users, And Stored Neatly When Not Being Used
7. New Design, Water Saving
8. Compact Size

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Model No. #WU02
Color White
Material Ceramic
Shape Irregular Shape
Loading Quantity 120PCS/20’GP    280PCS/40’HQ

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