Model No. #WU01
Color White
Material CERAMIC
Shape Similar to Cylinder
Loading Quantity 80PCS/20’GP    210PCS/40’HQ

للفائدة: مغسلة الوضوء من الخزف السعودي تساعد كبار السن في غسل القدمين أثناء الوضوء بدون الحاجة لرفع القدمين أو استخدام وسيلة أخرى


Smooth glaze, self cleaning glaze, white and delicate;Low water absorption;Colors, decals and LOGO can be customized


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Wudu, also referred to as ablution, is a ritual cleansing performed by Muslims before they engage in prayer. It is an essential act of purification that involves washing specific parts of the body. The process typically includes washing the hands, rinsing the mouth, inhaling water into the nostrils, washing the face, arms, wiping the head, and washing the feet. Muslims perform Wudu to spiritually and physically cleanse themselves before their connection with God through prayer.

1. New version multifunctional vanity basin
2. Dual levels basin: an upper basin plus a lower basin in a same unit
3. The upper basin for adults hand wash, the lower basin for adults foot wash, kids and old people hand wash (wheelchair height)
4. A standard chair can be moved to provide a comfortable position when use the lower basin
5. Beautiful streamline design
6. Compact size, space saving
7. Good for home, public, workplace, community center, etc
8. High quality ceramic basin, smooth surface, self clean
9. Easy to install, either wall hung or put on the floor
10. The upper basin with tap hot&cold water function or only cold water for option, the lower basin with sensor tap of either hot or cold water
11. Convenient, safe
12. Running clean water supply constantly
13. Good for water consumption management
14. New design, save water
15. S-trap
16. Color or decals can be customized.
size01 min min e1618818634508 The World's Premier Wudu Basin Manufacturer

Model No. #WU01
Color White
Material CERAMIC
Shape Similar to Cylinder
Loading Quantity 80PCS/20’GP    210PCS/40’HQ
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