Ceramic one-piece toilet st-10


Model: ST-10
• Size:680X410X785 MM
• Siphonic double flushing
• Top double flush 1.28 GPF/4.8LPF
• MAP: 1000G
• Elongated bowl shape
• Skirted trapway
• Full glazed trapway
• Quiet-Close PP seat cover
• Easy installation with side holes


Smooth glaze, self cleaning glaze, white and delicate;Low water absorption;Colors, decals and LOGO can be customized


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Top Flush Ceramic One Piece ECO Toilet

Model: ST-10

Normal Features:

• One-piece modern design (full glazed trapway) Ceramic sanitary ware water closet washdown one piece toilet01 The World's Premier Wudu Basin Manufacturer
• Size:680X410X785 MM
• Siphonic dual flushing system (Top flush button)
• Water Sense low consumption (1.28 GPF)
• Soft close PP seat cover (easy fixing)
• Easy installation with side holes
• Elongated design (18-1/2”)
• Full glazed trapway
• MAP: 1000G
• S-trap: 12″ rough-in


• In compliance with ASME A112.19.2-2013 / CSA B45.1-13
• Company Certifications: IAPMO (CUPC)




•Water Use  1.28 GPF/4.8LPF      Ceramic sanitary ware water closet washdown one piece toilet DETAIL The World's Premier Wudu Basin Manufacturer
•Flush System  KP Flush
•Trap Diameter  2-1/8″
•Rough-in  12″
•Warranty  Two Year Limited Warranty
•Material  Vitreous china
•Shipping Weight  105 lbs.
•QTY for 1X40HQ  about 336 sets

1586320698 0382 8 The World's Premier Wudu Basin Manufacturer

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