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All You Need To Know About Bathroom Sink

The bathroom sink is also called washbasin, basin, its function as a container for washing hands and face, mostly installed in the bathroom. In the early days it was made of wood and then improved to a porcelain basin, i.e. the interior was made of iron with a layer of porcelain on the exterior, so that the iron inside could be seen after bumping.

This article discusses what kind of bathroom sink becomes the right choice for certain applications. We will guide you through the materials, the various types, the advantages and disadvantages, and what to consider when purchasing.

bathroom sink
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Which Material Is Used For Bathroom Sink?

#1. Ceramic

From the point of view of market sentiment, ceramic washbasins still account for over 90% of the market. Variety, economy and individuality are still favoured by many consumers. When choosing a ceramic washbasin, you can observe the reflection of the product’s surface from the side in bright light. You can also use your hands to gently feel the flatness of the surface.

The choice of ceramic basin depends mainly on the glaze and the water absorption rate. The quality of the glaze is related to the stain resistance. The “honeycomb” of the glaze is very small, smooth and dense and does not stain easily. As a rule, it is not necessary to use strong detergent products frequently. Wipe with water and a rag. The lower the water absorption rate, the better the quality of the ceramic washbasin. As water is absorbed into the ceramic, it will swell to some extent and will tend to draw dirt and odours from the water into the ceramic. According to national regulations, sanitary ceramics with an absorption rate of less than 3% are high-grade ceramics, and some high-end brands of washbasins have an absorption rate of less than 0.5%.

#2. Steel glass

Tempered glass washbasins are common material basins. It has a high resistance to pollution and is easy to clean. Tempered washbasins come in a variety of styles and personalities, making them convenient for customers with different needs. Thick, safe, scratch-resistant and durable, it has a good reflective effect, making the bathroom look more crystal clear and suitable for wooden countertops.

#3. Stainless steel

Stainless steel basins are used relatively often in homes and often in public places such as shopping centres and hotels. It is stylish, easy to clean, strong and stain resistant. However, the simplified shape makes it difficult to match with bathroom furniture. Polished stainless steel fits in well with modern electroplated taps, but the mirror surface scratches easily, so users of large quantities may wish to purchase brushed stainless steel.

#4. Artificial stone

Artificial stone powder adds colour and resin to create a material that is as smooth as natural marble but harder, more resistant to staining and available in a wider range of styles. Highly impact resistant, it is not easily stained or damaged. It can be used with different styles of bathroom furniture and has a wider range of applications. It is not resistant to heat and is easily stained by oil. It is not easy to clean and has a simple shape.

Different people have different answers to the question of what material is used in washbasins. We usually use artificial stone washbasins, ceramic washbasins and glass washbasins. We have to choose different criteria for different sizes of washbasin, but whatever the material, the quality of the washbasin should not be ignored. Therefore, when choosing a washbasin, it is important to first understand the characteristics of the various washbasins. The types of washbasin and which one we need will enable you to purchase a cost-effective washbasin if you choose carefully.

Various Kinds Of Bathroom Sink

#1. Countertop Sink

The edge of the countertop sink will be higher than the countertop, and many countertop sinks now have a strong sense of design, and even a lot of artistic shapes. To install it, you just need to make a hole in the countertop, put the basin body on it in correspondence and then glue the articulation to do a good job of adhesion.

Advantages: Countertop sinks are suitable for almost any countertop material, including wood and laminate, as the cut-out is completely covered by the edge of the countertop sink and therefore there is no risk of water damage. They are also less expensive to install as they do not require the laborious polishing of the cut edges that is required to install undercounter sinks.

Disadvantages: not easy to clean, you can’t wipe the water directly from the countertop into the sink and water tends to splash out when washing your hands.


#2. Under Counter Sink (undermount sink )

Under counter sinks are bathroom sink that are installed underneath the countertop and which also have their edges fixed under the countertop, unlike above countertop sink.

Advantages: This creates a seamless, clean look as the actual washbasin is not visible. Another benefit of undercounter basins is that water and spills can be wiped directly from the countertop into the sink without any obstruction, making it easy to clean.

Disadvantages: undercounter basins can usually only be used under hard countertops (such as stone) and are not suitable for laminate countertops as they cannot be sealed against moisture and they tend to cost more than top of the range hand basins.

#3. Wall-Mounted Sink

The wall-mounted sink is a sink that is fixed directly to the wall without taking up space on the bathroom counter. Its streamlined appearance will give the bathroom space a subtle chic feel.

Advantages: wall mounted sinks do not require any cupboards to be installed underneath, which saves a lot of space and leaves more usable floor space, making the bathroom feel more spacious. In order to allow enough space on the wall for the bathroom sink, it is necessary to install all the plumbing inside the wall, which also keeps the wall tidy.

Disadvantages: Such a bathroom sink has no counter top and lacks storage space, so when choosing a wall-mounted sink, make sure you consider whether you will need counter top storage space.

wall-mounted sink
pedestal ink

#4. Pedestal Sink

If you want a simple wall-mounted sink, but the drain in your bathroom must pass through the floor and cannot be altered, then a pedestal sink is the way to go.

Advantages: The small footprint of the pedestal sink and the fact that the base sits between the sink and the floor, allowing any plumbing in the bathroom to be hidden, makes it particularly suitable for small space bathroom décor.

Disadvantages: Again, the pedestal sink lacks storage space and there is a gap between the wall and the back of the base (as shown in the picture) so cleaning can be a little difficult.

#5. Semi Recessed Basin (Semi recessed sink)

This type of bathroom sink basin is less common in home renovations and if you have limited space in your bathroom or en-suite but you still want to store some everyday items underneath it, then a semi recessed basin like this may be the best solution.

Advantages: The semi-recessed basin is stylish and beautiful, looks more harmonious with the cabinets and most importantly it gives you plenty of storage space.

Disadvantages: Storage space is more limited and the construction and installation is more complicated.


Bulk Bathroom Sinks Buying Guide

The worldwide epidemic of CORONA is becoming increasingly stressful, especially with the variants of the Omicron virus having a serious impact on people’s lives and work.

To prevent further spread of the virus, awareness of hygiene protection has reached an unprecedented level worldwide and frequent hand washing has become a mandatory habit in daily life.

Many people put a bathroom sink in the Entrance(or indoor garden) of the house so as to wash their hands the first time they are home.

According to data, sales of bathroom sinks have shown a steep rise for two consecutive years from 2020-2021 and are on a continuing trend to climb.

This kind of sinks go with the advantage of compact size, nighter wall hung or countertop. Glossy white ceramic are the most popular that can match many kinds of decoration style.

So, what kind of  bathroom sink is best for your project?

How do you order in bulk online?

What hidden dangers should you be aware of?

Read on to find out the answers to these questions.

COVID-19 bathroom sink

#1 Where Should You Buy Bathroom Sinks in Bulk?

Manufacturer or retailer?

Due to the daily rise in popularity of the epidemic-proof domestic bathroom sinks, you can see a mushrooming of retailers with a wide range of different bathroom sink products. But should you buy bathroom sinks in bulk from a bathroom sinks retailer?
Or should you choose a bathroom sinks manufacturer?

Take a look at the comparison chart below to see why you should buy bathroom sinks in bulk online from manufacturers.

Bathroom Sink Manufacturer

Bathroom Sink Retailer


Bathroom sink manufacturers have a wider variety of products to choose from. Because of their ability to produce Bathroom sink products, they may be the first to accommodate innovative Bathroom sink products. And they understand exactly which products are hot on the market.

Retailers have a limited range of Bathroom sink products as they rely on products from Bathroom sink manufacturers.


You can easily gauge the quality of bathroom sink manufacturer by looking at the production process and getting information about the quality assurance tests they carry out. In any case, bathroom sink manufacturers have better product quality because they have to comply with certain industry standards.

Retailers may sell bathroom sink products that they have received from bathroom sink manufacturers or other suppliers. As a result, it is difficult to check the quality of the product. Retailers also usually do not have information about the manufacture of bathroom sink products, so you cannot verify that the products they sell meet industry standards.


Bathroom sink manufacturers have the ability to create bespoke bathroom sink products to your specifications. It can also be branded with your own logo.

Bathroom retailers cannot customise any bathroom products for you. You can only choose any product they sell.


Bathroom sink manufacturers rarely run out of stock. They have the capacity and mechanisms to produce bathroom sink products on a consistent basis. This is why you are more likely to find the bathroom sink product you are looking for on a bathroom manufacturer’s website.

Bathroom sink retailers stock a limited number of products. This means that popular products quickly run out of stock. Retailers then have to wait for bathroom sink manufacturers to produce new stock. This stock then has to be shipped or transported, adding even more waiting time for a single product.


Bathroom sink manufacturers take full responsibility for the products they sell. In addition to the warranty, professional bathroom sink manufacturers also contact their customers after the sale to see if they are happy with their purchase.

Retailers rely on the bathroom sink manufacturer’s warranty. They cannot handle troubleshooting requests or help with other technical issues.

Choosing a sanitary ware manufacturer for your wholesale bathroom sink order is better because it gives you the opportunity to discuss the nuances of your project with a professional. A good sanitary ware manufacturer can help you decide which bathroom sink product is best for your project. Very often, they are also sanitary ware hardware manufacturers, which means you can buy everything you need through one supplier.

Online or Offline?

bathroom sink manufacturers and suppliers may have a number of retail branches. However, these branches are likely to be located in large metropolitan areas. In addition, you may not have access to experts who are directly involved in the bathroom sink manufacturing process. This is just one of the reasons why bulk purchases of bathroom sinks should be made online.

Here are some other reasons why you should all the more choose to wholesale hand wash basins online:

Greater Access

Buying bathroom sinks in bulk online gives you the opportunity to browse through the full range of products offered by bathroom sink manufacturers. You can also compare the technical specifications and prices of sanitary ware products offered by different manufacturing companies. This helps you to make a better buying decision.


Now that you have to work from home a lot of the time due to the CORONA, online purchasing allows you to order bathroom sinks from the comfort of your home or office. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs and travel expenses, avoiding the hassle of having to transport bathroom sinks yourself.


Professional bathroom sink manufacturers and suppliers have experts on who can take care of all your technical questions. They can also help you with specific advice for your project, making it easier for you to choose the right bathroom sink products and accessories.

Full Range

Bathroom sink manufacturer’s shop may not house all of the products they offer. But you can find their entire catalogue and any other information you need to make an informed buying decision online.


Offline shops contain a limited number of each bathroom sink product. However, this is not the case when you order online. Bulk orders are either created on demand or shipped directly from the warehouse. This means you will always get the bathroom sink you want without having to wait for it to be put back on the shelf for sale.


If you want to buy other Accessory for your bathroom sink, you may need different materials such as stainless steel, solid brass, or plated brass, etc., which you can easily order online.

#2 Things To Consider When Buying bathroom sinks in Bulk !

There are a number of things to consider when you are bulk shopping for bathroom sinks online.

You need to make sure that the bathroom sink you choose has the correct technical specifications, shape and size.

Here are some other points to consider:

Product quantities and sizes
Please ensure that you double check the exact quantity and size of the bathroom sink you are ordering. Different bathroom sink manufacturers use different measurements for the overall size and length of bathroom sink due to process and technical issues. The reason for this is that the length of a bathroom sink is 250cm-150cm, the longer the length the more demanding it is in terms of flatness, glaze coating and how it does not distort. So make sure that the dimensions of the bathroom sink you are purchasing match the dimensions of your cabinet and don’t be easily misled by the merchant.

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